Why I Joined Rotary

Hunt Weber

“…I observed a framed copy of the Rotary Way Test in Mark Waltz’s dental office and we often talked about Rotary.  Eventually I retired and a new career in commercial real estate enabled me to accept Mark’s invitation to join Ambler Rotary.” ...

Scott Stimson

“…When I came here in 2006, I was out making stops at the local businesses and organizations. It was at this time that I stopped into the Wissahickon Valley Public Library and met Dave Roberts. I introduced myself and told him I was new to the business community. Again after some discussion, he suggested I […] ...

Paul Kelly

“I joined Rotary because three friends of mine were members – my partner, Bruce Braunewell, and my friends Jim Reis and Karyn (aka “Karga”) Koerwer.  When I attended a few meetings as a guest, I found out a number of my neighbors were members, so it was a welcoming atmosphere.” ...

Greg Marinucci

“Why did I join Rotary?  The quick and easy answer is because Tyler Deck asked me.” ...

Alain DuPlat

“In 1988 I believe my friend Guy Pinter (Rotarian and long-time Ambler Club Secretary for over 10 years) mentioned at a dinner that the Rotary Club of Ambler was soon to receive a group of professionals from Argentina  that they had a hard time finding families accepting to host them for a week.  I immediately […] ...

Bob King

“In 1990 Terry Vrooman was President of Ambler Rotary and his main focus was membership.  He made a great push to increase membership by challenging the current members to bring in a new member.  I was working for Joe Schneider and he was one of those members.  Joe came to me and asked if I […] ...

Geff Ries

“I came to join the “old fashioned” way.  Unbeknownst to me I was proposed by my father-in-law, long-time Rotarian, Ed Gessner and elected to membership.  Subsequently, I was invited to join.” ...

Dan Ritter

“…Through John Shoemaker, the local Provident Bank manager and Rotarian, I discussed Rotary membership.  He encouraged and sponsored me to join.” ...

Jack Gomberg

”…What has kept me excited about being a Rotarian centers around the vibrancy of our Ambler Club and its dedicated, well-rounded members and the rich tradition of how we conduct our weekly meetings and how we treat and respect one another and contribute value to our community.” ...

Leslie Heffernen

“I was familiar with the Rotary signs along the road.  I assumed it was an organization focused on charitable causes.  One day, out of curiosity, I googled the word “Rotary” to learn more about it.  It filled a need to be more involved with the community…” ...

Joel Mayor

“I attended my first Rotary meeting as a guest of Dick Booth in 2006.” ...

Joan Coleman

“My Rotary connection actually began way back in the late 1960s when I used to type up and mail out the newsletter for Cal Affleck and Dick Bracket…Years later, my sponsor, Dan Ritter, invited me to a Rotary luncheon and asked me to consider membership in the Club, a “way of giving back to the […] ...

Cary Fleisher

“I enjoyed the weekly fellowship, admired the simplicity of the four way test, and was struck by the scope of the work done locally and around the world. In Rotary, I discovered an organization that dovetailed with my personal goals.” ...

Steve Bass

“Service Above Self” works. I joined Rotary initially because I was looking for the opportunity for the students that I work with at Wordsworth Academy to engage with positive adults in the community.” ...

John Gerhard

“Joining Rotary has been a privilege.  Where else can you get together with a group of community leaders looking to help people at the grass roots level?” ...

Pedro Geraldino

“In 2002, I was visiting Peru, where I grew up as a child and teenager.  At the time, I was trying to figure out how I could help Peruvian people with disabilities who often do not have enough money to buy a wheelchair…When I got home I started a web search and very quickly found […] ...

Paula Kadel

“In 1990, our late member, Past President George Carey, invited me to join Rotary.” ...

Mark Waltz

“In 1961 after I returned from Service in the Army Dental Corp…I started looking for some activity…Following an invitation by George Hardwick and a personal interview by then District Governor John Hansell, I was accepted into Rotary.” ...

Dick Target

“In my early-married years, mid 1970s I learned about Rotary from a friend of mine…I attended my first Rotary meeting at the Westover Country Club in 1978… joined the Warrington Rotary Club and was active for about 4 years.  Dick joined Ambler Rotary on February 3, 2010.” ...

Bill Strasburg

,”…Alex Knight came across Butler Ave. and told me about Rotary and the ideal of Service.  It was a good fit for helping build a better community.” ...

Peter Phillips

“With a simple request to join a friend, Elaine Hubing, for lunch at the William Penn Inn, I joined the Amber Rotary Club in 2009.” ...

Graham Parkinson

“I was practicing dentistry with Drs. Waltz and Nagahashi in 1990.  They both looked forward to Rotary meetings every Wednesday…Ambler Rotary was shooting for one-hundred member back then and I guess they thought it was time to encourage me to join.” ...

Dave Lightkep

“My father was a Rotarian and I only knew that he went to the Forest Inn every Wednesday for lunch.  Bob Brown and Dick Bracket, among other asked me many times to join the.  I did in 1981…” ...

Bruce Braunewell

“My business partner, Steve Rosa was a charter member of the Blue Bell Rotary Club and I saw first-hand for six years how passionate and involved he and his fellow Rotarians were in the local community.  Jim Kline was someone that I had a lot of respect for though our business dealings and he sold […] ...

Lamont Satterly

“…It was suggested I might like to join Rotary, and I talked with George Carey, a great guy, fellow Barbershopper, and a wonderful Rotarian.” ...

Jim Kline

”…I was interested in getting involved in our new community and had recently joined the Wissahickon Valley Chamber of Commerce, where I became good friends with Tom Flynn.  Tom introduced me to Rotary and sponsored my admittance to the Club.” ...

Phil Albright

“When I completed a degree at Temple Ambler and was getting ready to semi-retire, I was looking forward to getting involved in nonprofits in the community and eventually becoming a full-time volunteer when Dick Booth asked me to join Rotary.” ...

Dick Booth

“In early 1971 I was speaking with a good friend of mine, Dr. Stanley Nagahashi and John Hansel took time over lunch to introduce me to the many aspects of Rotary membership and its responsibilities.” ...

Bill McAuliffe

“It was 1970 and I was writing hardware specifications for Tom Reilly, the architect.  He suggested I might like to be a Rotarian.” ...

Joe Murphy

”…One of the ways was to look to join a service club.  Knowing Jack Kellogg, a prominent banker in the community, I sought out his advice as to where I should look to join…” ...

Eric Faddis

My cousin, Art Abbott, was the District Governor, of what is now District 7540, and was inspired by my cousin’s commitment to Rotary. ...

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12:15 pm District Governor Rick Gromis @ PENNS TAVERN @ WIlliam Penn Inn
District Governor Rick Gromis @ PENNS TAVERN @ WIlliam Penn Inn
Aug 23 @ 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm
Hawaiian Shirt & Lei Day! At the request of the William Penn Inn, we will be holding our meeting in the Penn’s Tavern. Please enter via the front entrance.  DO NOT enter through the banquet entrance.
5:00 pm Club Meeting: Annual Club Picnic @ William Penn Inn
Club Meeting: Annual Club Picnic @ William Penn Inn
Sep 13 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Families and friends invited! NO regular meeting at Wm. Penn Inn.

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5:00 pm Club Meeting: Annual Club Picnic @ William Penn Inn
Club Meeting: Annual Club Picnic @ William Penn Inn
Sep 13 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Families and friends invited! NO regular meeting at Wm. Penn Inn.
all-day RLI in D7430 @ DeSales University
RLI in D7430 @ DeSales University
Sep 16 all-day
At DeSales University Campus, Center Valley. More details to follow at http://rotarydistrict7430.org/event/rli-in-d7430/
all-day Rotary Foundation Seminar @ Montgomery County Community College
Rotary Foundation Seminar @ Montgomery County Community College
Nov 4 all-day
District 7430’s Annual Foundation Seminar and Grant Certification Training & workshop will be held at the Montco Community College on Saturday Nov 4th, Please check the district webpage for more details and how to register to attend:[...]
all-day Rotary UN Day @ United Nations Headquarters
Rotary UN Day @ United Nations Headquarters
Nov 12 all-day
For more information and how to purchase tickets visit: http://rotarydistrict7430.org/event/rotary-un-day/
6:00 pm Club Meeting: Holiday Dinner (6 PM) @ William Penn Inn
Club Meeting: Holiday Dinner (6 PM) @ William Penn Inn
Dec 20 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Families and friends invited! NO regular luncheon meeting.