Fast Facts about Ambler Rotary

    • RCA meets every Wednesday for lunch in the Ballroom at the William Penn Inn (except for Holidays and Special Events)
    • Meetings begin promptly @ 12:15 P.M. and conclude by 1:30 P.M.
    • Each Rotary Year begins July 1st and ends June 30th
    • Rotary officers at all levels serve in their capacity for one year
    • RCA officers and board member elections are held in December
    • A “Changeover” dinner is held the first week of the Rotary year, during which new officers are introduced and installed for the coming year
    • In December a family holiday dinner is substituted in lieu of the weekly lunch meeting. This event includes a variety of entertainment
    • Other social events have been popular including: picnics, theater parties, dinner-dances, Monte-Carlo evenings, Phillies baseball games, golf outings just to name a few.
    • Fund raisers have included theme auctions, jazz concerts, Monte-Carlo nights & a 75th Anniversary golf tournament.
    • Youth service activities continue to be a high priority and focus of the RCA (i.e. Youth exchanges with foreign countries both inbound and outbound, camps providing team work & leadership skills, prom night support, and both student of the month and college bound high school student scholarships.
    • Our district governor visits at least once a year to meet with the officers and committee chairs. At this time he reviews our goals, accomplishments etc. with the club officers and directors.
    • Ambler Rotary was founded/chartered December 11, 1925
    • Current membership is approximately 90
    • We have numerous committees and activities devoted to the four avenues of service: Club, Community, Vocational and International
    • In 2000, RCA established the “CFARC” (The Charitable Foundation of the Ambler Rotary Club – a 501c3 organization) to raise money for service causes and make it tax-deductible for donors
    • The classification system is a basis of membership. A limit of 10% of total club membership is permitted, which enables members to share a general classification (eg. Lawyers, estate lawyer)
    • The name Rotary was adopted early on because meetings were rotated between the members’ stores and offices.
    • The Rotary wheel is symbolic of man’s first technological invention and represents the movement of people and ideas from place to place
    • Membership is restricted to a specific club and does not permit transfer to another club
    • Each club is autonomous, and is assigned a specific geographical district. This district is guided by the constitution and by-laws of Rotary international headquartered in Evanston, Illinois.
    • In 1910, the Rotary object and motto was formulated to provide a succinct definition of our purpose
    • Our Motto is “Service Above Self”

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