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2017 World Polio Day


Tuesday, October 24th was World Polio Day.  Members of the Ambler Rotary Club rallied in front of Ambler Savings Bank to spread the word.  The Rotary Club of Ambler proudly presented the Rotary Foundation a check for $5,000 for the “PolioPlus Fund.”  Rotary International has been working since 1985 to eradicate Polio worldwide.

Here are some important facts about Polio to remember:  Share these you’re your friends and family – Since the global initiative began more than 25 years ago, Rotary and its partners have reduced polio cases by more than 99.9% worldwide.

When the initiative started in 1985, more than 350,000 people were stricken by polio every year – nearly 1,000 new polio cases every DAY.

To date in 2017, five cases have been reported: Pakistan (3) and Afghanistan (5).

There were only 37 cases of polio reported in 2016.

In 2014, we celebrated one of the world’s greatest achievements in global health:  India was certified as polio free.  India was once considered the hardest place on earth to stop polio.  India’s success proves that polio can be stopped in even the most challenging conditions.

Read more about this initiative at www.endpolionow.org.